Hyperspectral Intelligence is a geologist-lead company that develops innovative hyperspectral rock analysis equipment and advanced data processing technologies for the energy & modern mining industry. 

The correct identification and characterization of rocks is the foundation of any responsible mining and production of the minerals, metals and fuels that will shape our future. To provide this critical geological information, we developed the geoLOGr system (pronounced: geologger).


The geoLOGr system consists of a compact and versatile hyperspectral rock scanner that collects hyperspectral data and high-resolution images from drill core and other geomaterials. The geoLOGr was designed to be robust, customer-operated, and cost-efficient. 

Data Processing

The hyperspectral data from the geoLOGr are processed using a cloud-connected data processing infrastructure. Our highly-customized and deposit-specific data processing enables us to produce results of unprecedented sensitivity and accuracy that can be easily integrated in existing workflows.

To date, the geoLOGr system has been successfully deployed at more than 50 projects around the world, ranging from the exploration to the production stage. The analytical results from the geoLOGr are used by geologists, metallurgists, and engineers to correctly identify and correlate rock units, distinguish ore and waste-rock, and to create better deposit models, thereby reducing the amount of time and money spent on a project.

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The geoLOGr

The geoLOGr is accompanied by world-leading, cloud-based data processing that is customized for each deposit. Compositional logs are produced rapidly and with unprecedented accuracy and sensitivity.

Compact, robust, and easy-to-use hardware can be easily shipped to remote locations worldwide.

World-leading data processing provides unprecedented accuracy.

Optimized data volumes reduce data processing and storage costs and speed up data transfer and result turn-around without compromising data quality.

Deliverables are customized for easy workflow integration.

Deliverables can be merged with geochemical, petrophysical, already existing hyperspectral, and other geological datasets to produce internally consistent outputs.

Entire system designed to be time- and cost-efficient.

The geoLOGr advantage

How geoLOGr
will help your business


Lower Project Risk

with more accurate drill core logs and better deposit models.

Increase Efficiency

with a better understanding of rock composition, ore grades, and other rock properties.

Save Money

with lower scanning and data processing costs, fewer people on site, and more strategic drill core sampling plans.

Save Time

with optimized data transfers, rapid result turnarounds, and seamless deliverables integration.

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