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Who We Are

In 2016, Michelle Tappert, Ralf Tappert and Derek Rogge set out to revolutionize the mining and mining exportation industry with Hyperspectral intelligence Inc. With their experience and knowledge in the collection and processing of hyperspectral data they created a range of hyperspectral hardware and data processing tools that are providing the mineral exploration and mining industry with tools that objectively identify rocks with unprecedented accuracy. Hyperspectral Intelligence Inc. is increasing the integrity and efficiency of processes and decisions made in the mineral and mining exploration industry.

Our Mission, Vision & Values



Making mining and energy projects more efficient and sustainable thereby limiting their impact on natural resources and environment.


We strive to become the world’s leading provider of practical, reliable, and affordable hyperspectral rock analysis tools.


Scientific integrity and customer excellence are at the core of what we do.

Our Team

Dr. Michelle Tappert

Chief Executive Officer

Michelle has more than 20 years of experience in the collection, analysis, and interpretation of hyperspectral data. She has worked as researcher and spectral geologist with various hyperspectral drill core logging systems, developing new data analysis and automation techniques before joining Hyperspectral Intelligence.

Dr. Ralf Tappert

Chief Scientific Officer

A mineralogist and geochemist with expertise in a wide range of hyperspectral and other analytical hardware, Ralf held research and professorial positions in Canada, Australia, and Europe before joining Hyperspectral Intelligence. He published over 30 peer-reviewed papers about mineralogy, geochemistry, and spectroscopy, in addition to a mineralogical textbook.

Dr. Derek Rogge

Chief Technology Officer

With extensive experience in the field of imaging spectroscopy, remote sensing, and geology, Derek worked at universities and the German Aerospace Center (DLR) on the scaling of imaging systems from laboratory to airborne and satellite platforms before joining Hyperspectral Intelligence. He published over 20 peer-reviewed papers about spectroscopy and geology.

Mrs. Candice Wiekenkamp

Chief Financial Officer

Candice has over 20 years of experience leading and developing accounting teams and processes in various industries.

Julian Houlding

Full Stack Technologist

Innovator and developer with over 20 years of resource industry related information, technology and business experience.

Bassel Alkadour

Data Scientist

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